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"Bespoke Beauty"
Article by Erin Kain
Modern Luxury Dallas, February 2022, pages 86-89

"From the BlueStar Commercial kitchen appliances to a decked-out accessories closet, it's safe to say this home was a major achievement.  The clients admit that there isn't anything they would change and Stratton agrees adding, 'From the beginning the owners were very decisive and consistent with their choices and selections.  They were open to taking risks, which is evident in the trust they placed in their designer and architect to carefully craft a home that is a reflection of them.'"

"Bespoke Beauty"
Design Meets Desire Article
"Design Meets Desire" Article
"Design Meets Desire"
Article by Rachel Feinblatt
Modern Luxury Interiors Texas, February 2022, pages 120-125

"To capture the owners' wish of a casual and intimate feel for the home, the designer used neutral-colored shades accented with antique finds and a few family heirlooms."

Modern Luxury Dallas Feb 2022 Issue
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